The Benefits of TV BOX and HDTV ANTENNA

The Benefits of TV BOX and HDTV ANTENNA

Lately, technology has grown and brought out a variety of sophisticated new innovations. One of the popular ones is smart TV. Even so, there are actually still many people who are hesitant to buy because the price is too expensive. But now there is no need to worry, because Smart TV is already available at a more affordable price, namely TV Box.

What Are The Advantages Of TV Box?

TV Box is a hardware that has a function as an STB (Set Top Box). Which of these devices is embedded in the Android OS (Operating System). But it is not equipped with a screen. Therefore, to operate it, additional devices are needed as a substitute for the screen in the form of LCD / LED TV connected with an HDMI cable. In general, there are two types of TV Boxes according to their size. Namely a TV Stick and TV Box, as the name suggests TV Stick has a smaller size almost resembles a modem. While TV boxes have a larger size (box).

The operation of this TV box is like using an Android-based smartphone. You can stream videos, live streaming, IPTV / TV Internet listen to music, play games, and watch broadcasts from overseas channels without having to pay a pay TV subscription. The TV Box is equipped with a USB / flashdisk slot and SD Card Slot (Memory), for storing or opening data. Because the TV Box is operated using the internet, you can use it for browsing, even chatting and video calls. That’s all are very exciting right?

There are many more functions and advantages of other TV Boxes. If you are interested in having it, make sure you choose one that suits your abilities and needs.

About HDTV Antenna

Speaking about TV, of course can’t be separated from the antenna, by the type of antennas is there a difference between an ordinary antenna and an HDTV antenna (High Definition Television)?

Actually there is no difference between an ordinary and an HDTV Anntena. It’s all just about marketing spin and hype. Any kind of antennas can pick up the HDTV Signals. They are broadcast on the same frequencies that even the classic rabbit ears can pick up them. With an analog signal, at least you were getting something (perhaps wavy lines and sound) just enough to see what is going on if necessary. Meanwhile, a digital signal, if the antenna is not adjusted or can’t receive properly, you just get a blank screens.

True to the fact that to capture digital TV broadcasts you need an antenna, but what you need to know is that capturing digital TV signals does not require special antennas. Because the antenna will not discriminate between analog tv signals or digital tv signals. Which functions to determine is the tuner that is on your TV.

One thing you should remember that all the antennas are HDTV antennas, whether it says so on the box or not. In conditions when you already have a large VHF / UHF antenna on the roof of your house, it means you are in good condition. All you have to do is just connect and scan the channel. In general, the bigger antenna size in the room, is better. But to be able to choose the right antenna you might need two or three purchases. Make sure you select the antenna that receives VHF / UHF signals. So, choosing an antenna for TV needs in your home is a very situational choice with many factors involved. You have to choose the right one.